Jan Simunek

Jan is the former Continental European CEO of Grayling, the leading Corporate Relations consultancy in Central & Eastern Europe, and a member of the agency’s International Board. He worked for Grayling for more than 20 years (initially under the Mmd brand, building the business in CEE before it was acquired and became part of Grayling), leading the network across CEE before expanding his responsibilities across the whole of Continental Europe.

Jan is an experienced advisor to international companies on Public Affairs, providing high-level strategic counsel, supporting foreign direct investment and M&A activities, and offering clients a unique insight into the workings of government at the highest levels.

He has also worked on many PR and crisis communications campaigns, from building crisis resilience to playing a key role in on-call crisis management teams, and has managed major reputational issues for a range of different corporate clients.

Jan has been a jury member for both the EMEA SABRE Awards and the European Excellence Awards.

He is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

“The pandemic has forced many companies to look carefully at their consultancy support to assess whether it is giving them the Public Affairs and integrated communications capabilities they need to run impactful campaigns.”